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Sample Availability & Policy

Prices are calculated upon receipt of the customer’s detailed requirements. Usually quotation could be provided within 24 hours.

Samples are sent by express, usually via customer’s appointed carrier such as FEDEX, UPS, DHL etc.

Production begins as soon as the customer agrees to our terms, upon sample approval.


Quality Assurance:

Our process includes many quality procedures, in-line and final production.

At our workterm, we are committed to quality requirements of the best standard. We do not sacrifice on quality. We make sure quality is adhered to throughout our operation from sampling to final shipment. We take extra efforts in ensuring the suppliers comply with strict quality control. Quality Assurance is an inherent part of our services and we ensure that our customers do not face any problem at any stage


Quality Control and Inspection Procedures:

We normally follow AQL Level 4.0 inspection method, but on special case we follow any inspection method our customers require. Our quality control and inspection procedure includes the following functions:

1. Our Quality Assurance department checks all the fabric/Accessories to ensure that quality/color etc conforms to the order / style.

2. Our Quality Assurance and merchandising team goes to factory location to evaluate pre-production (size set) sample, patterns, etc to approve for trial production.

3. Quality Assurance team evaluates trial production and then finally approves for bulk production

4. As bulk production starts, our Quality Assurance team goes for inline inspection. This inline inspection during production is performed on daily basis.

5. At the middle stage of production if (standard of quality) result is acceptable / good then we go for pre-final inspection. Here we check the case pack, carton quality, shipping mark, assortment, presentation etc.

6. If the pre-final result is acceptable then we go for final inspection & if it passes, we approve for the final shipment.

To ensure quality of the highest standard, we inspect at every stage of the production process. The following Quality & Inspection steps are being currently employed in sourcing and manufacturing:


7. Accessories Inspection

8. Knitted & Flannel Inspection

9. Measurement Spec checking

10. Accessories Inspection testing

11. Accessories Color Matching checking

12. Daily Cutting checking

13. Fabric Inspection

14. Lab dip testing

15. Washing Fabric testing


About Our R & D Department

Our R&D is undertaken by the Technology Research Department, which consists of the Sample Exhibition Center (SEC), the CAD-Technology Center (CADTC) and the Sample-Working Center (SWC). The SEC displays thousands of samples covering most of our product range. The CADTC is responsible for plate/pattern making, style designing, calculating predicted consumption, graphic processing and photo production. The SWC mainly functions as a sample design and production center.

R & D in Manufacturing Processes


Product Design

1.Prototype development

2.Research on size

3.Refining manufacturing process

4.Rapid materials estimation


Production Design

1.Processing skill

2.Mass production method

3.Equipment for mass production

4.Aided equipment for mass production

5.Production flow

6.Production arrangement


Artwork Design:

- Artwork for embroidery/printing to be provided by customer.

- Mould charge is not required for new design after order placed.

- Our professional graphic designer can turn your draft for embroidery/printing into beautiful artwork at low cost.


We offer embroidery and printing service as below:

A. printing

﹡Discharge ﹡Emboss ﹡Flock ﹡Glitter (Silver & Gold) ﹡Hi-Density ﹡Jelly

﹡ Laser ﹡ Plastisol ﹡Puff ﹡Silkscreen ﹡Transfer ﹡Water Base


B. Embroidery

﹡3D normal EMB ﹡Appliqued ﹡Patch EMB ﹡Tatami


Advantages of technical research and development

To provide multi-product combination, and enhance the competitiveness on creating specified products.



Normally your quotation is received within one working days (please note any time difference between countries).


Production Lead-time:

After order confirmation, please allow 15-20 days for print-proof/approval sample. Once confirmed, allow 25-45 days production. Lead times vary depending on seasons, availability of raw materials and components.



Our merchandising team is committed to complete customer satisfaction. Our merchandising department consists of highly qualified team of merchandisers whose prime aim is to provide full satisfaction to our customer starting from the fabric procurement stage to shipment and reporting the status of the order to the buyers regularly


The services our merchandising team provides to our clients are:

. Systematic follow-up on each stage of production and execution of order on time.

. Monitoring new trends in fabric, fashion and design.

. Locating new reliable sources to meet the requirements of the customer with regard to fashion and design.

. Introducing new samples to buyers to enable them to expand their business.

. Educate the customer about the characteristics of variety of fabrics, dyes, dyeing and printing process, and their positive and negative points and caution the buyers about the pitfalls involved.

. Liaison between the customer and our factories and follow-up.

. Guiding the supplier in preparation of the range to meet the customer's requirements with regard to fashion and design and negotiation.


In addition, we keep our buyers updated at every stage of their orders. Due to this, we prepare daily production report from the manufacturers unit. This report keeps the buyer updated about their order at every stage of the production process.


Guarantees/Warranties/Terms and Conditions

We take full responsibility for any inconformity with buyers' requests in color, quantity, packing and size.

We guarantee the protection of customers’ designs, workmanship, patents and copyrights.

Customized design service is available, executed by professional designers from packaging design majors. Our own designs could be exclusively provided.

Terms could be FOB, CFR, CIF, CIP, DDU, DDP etc.


Logistics Operation Support

Our staff in the Foreign Trade Department are all experienced in the exporting industry.

Being a supply chain service provider, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide total logistic and transportation solutions to our customers. Our qualified personnel work in close association with leading freight forwarders, air and shipping lines at various locations. In addition, we can provide you specific value added services by pre advising all shipments on a regular basis with tentative arrival dates.

- 1 set Form A or Certificate of Origin is provided for each order (for shipment quantity > 1,000pcs & > US$1,500.-)

- The cost of each extra set of Form A is US$70.- and extra set of Certificate of Origin is US$20.-

- Export license (Quota) is required for the States. Its cost is depends on the market fluctuation.


Customers visit our facility



Logistics operation





Why do business with China Bags factory?


  • 1. Strict QA & QC System: We've use one of the strictest QA and QC systems in the industry to assure the highest quality products and highest level of customer satisfaction, from initial inquiry to final shipment . Our experienced quality controllers stay in selected member factories to guarantee the manufactured products match all order requirements. Our advanced technical instruments are extensively utilized to scientifically test the important elements of quality such as color fastness and shrinkage. We also offer protection to our customers through the defect replacement program that we provide. With this program, we will replace all defective products, to ensure that every requirement of the original order is met.
  • 2. The Most Competitive Prices: Aside from offering the largest variety of fabrics and garments and the highest level of quality control, our product pricing is the most competitive in the international market. In fact, our competitive pricing is the primary reason for our success. We usually offer the lowest prices for the same quality products. At the same time, we maintain high quality standards and on-time delivery. Short-term gain is not our goal; instead long- term growth with our customers is the fundamental business philosophy of China t-shirt factory.
  • 3. On-time Delivery: We understand that prompt delivery is critical to our customer. So we have established a special order monitoring and control system to assure that every order is fulfilled on or before the delivery date. Our order monitoring and control system, combined with our production capacities and industrial reputation, allow us to complete the emergent orders within a short delivery time.
  • 4. Comprehensive Customer Service: Each order is monitored by one of our merchandiser, to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Our merchandiser will provide in-person customer service to the customer until they are completely satisfied with the received shipment. In the future our on-line business will allows our customers to track the status of their orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also plan to develop multimedia format for China t-shirt factory so our global customers too can go on-line and monitor the status of their order on a real-time basis, regardless of where they are. ?Aside from professional assistance, we also help our potential customers with their travel plans, hotel accommodations, shopping, and local entertainment. When it comes to customer service at CHINA BAGS FACTORY, we feel that no question or request is out of our range.
  • 5. Professional Team and Elite Management: We are very proud to say that the people at CHINA BAGS FACTORY are our most valuable resource. CHINA BAGS FACTORY employees represent a group of highly experienced professionals in the production of fabrics and garments and also in the international import/export industry. In fact, the order monitor leads must have a minimum of 6 years of relevant experience. The top executives represent the elite in modern fabric and garment production, international trade and global e-Business management.

Q: What is your Corporation stratagem?

A: At beginning, we do OEM for global famous brands. During this period, we continually improve and strengthen us, always following the fashion current of the world and enhance our designing ability gradually. After many years heightening, we are planning to get into the ODM stage. Then, we will co-operate with international brands Operation Company and famous multinational retailing or shop to sell our own brand (D-Star) and Realize our dream (OBM operation in all of the world) P.S.: OBM=Own Brand Manufacturing

Q: What is your output per month?

A: Now we could produce about 300,000 dozen garments.

Q: What is your strength?

A: 1) Under the guaranteed quality and competitive price, we have good reputation and creditability in European and American market. 2) We are a high-tech professional manufactory in the knitting garment..

Q: What are your payment terms?

Normally the following 3 terms of payment are acceptable:

A: 1) Order values less than US$50,000, 40% deposit by T/T (bank transfer), Balance of payment at least 4 days before exit factory or copy of bill of lading by fax or email.

2) Order values more than US$ 50,000, we will accept L/C (Letter of Credit) at sight. All bank charges are at L/C applicant's cost for amount

3) For small order, cash or T/T for full amount in advance.


Q: What are your holidays?

A: We have 3 major holidays.

1) Chinese New Year

This date is different each year and is usually late January or in February for 10-14days, Production and shipping schedules get very tight at this time.

2) Labour Day

May 1 to 7

3) Founding Day Anniversary

October 1 to 7

Ordering Samples

Q: How much for a standard sample?

A: Sample charges apply and are sent on a collect basis. You may also provide us with your freight collect account number with one of the major world-wide express companies (eg.: DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, etc.). All expenses are payable prior to a sample being sent.

Regular customers may not be charged except for courier costs.


Q: How much for a 100% correct approved sample WITHOUT placing the order?

A: Sample cost plus Tooling or Setup costs if applicable , plus US$150 handing fee and express charges.

Please note that 100% approved samples are often not possible due to minimum quantities for dying fabrics or materials in your required colour.


Q: How much for an approved sample if I have placed an order?

A: There is no charge if you have placed your order, signed and sent back our Sales confirmation and paid the deposit (if applicable) except for the express charges .

2. Color: You are suggested to use PANTONE color guide to let us know the exact colors you are aftering; also you can specify color fastness rate or just let us know you need reactive dyeing or directive dyeing;

3. Sizes: specific sizes are desired which will lead to a reasonable quotation;

4. Label or logo requirements: Your artwork can be sent to us by e-mail or CD;

5. Order Quantity: at present moment, we set the min order quantity at 1,000pcs for one color and one size, which we will lower further to cater to more small business;

6. Delivery deadline.